Zucchini Study

Summer Harvest And learning in the little red school house. We had so much fun harvesting, researching, and writing all about the amazing health benefits of this awesome summer squash! After our harvest and writing students participated in the measuring, mixing, and pouring of our homemade zucchini bread. We made our regular recipe, plus one with chocolate so the kids could do a taste test and write about which one they liked better and why?! 👩‍🍳❤️📝

zucc1 zucc2 zucc3 zucc4 zucc5

“S” is for Starfish

More fun with our ocean unit with letter S is for star fish! K- 4th grade Students got to read, write, and learn all about sea stars, and work on their printing practice as well as make a star fish of their own with homemade puffy paint! ⭐️⁠⠀

star1 star2 star3 star4

“J” is for Jellyfish

Summer learning in the Little Red Schoolhouse with our ocean life unit. “J is for jellyfish”. Students learned that jellyfish have been on Earth for millions of years, have tentacles that sting, have no brain, and are mainly made up of water! Students also got to make jellyfish of their own out of plastic goody bags, glitter and yarn. ❤️📝⁠⠀

jelly1 jelly2

Operation Pollination 2019

Operation Pollination! Today’s students learned that milk weed is a critical resource for our native Ca. environment, and for Monarch butterfly’s! The nectar in the milkweed is the ONLY food source that the caterpillars of the Monarch butterfly eat! After learning and writing all about milkweed, students got to plant milkweed in our butterfly garden to help the endangered monarchs! ❤️🐛🦋


“G” is for Goat!

“G” is for Goat! And we are celebrating our very own Willow the goat with a “goat study” to learn all about the fun facts of goats and create memorable hands on learning experiences through feeding and interacting with Willow our goat. ❤️🐐📝📚

goat1 goat2 goat3 goat4

Portfolios 2019

So much fun giving our students their writing portfolios and Little Red Schoolhouse cookies! Love seeing all of their growth in their writing throughout the year. ❤️📝

porfolio1 portfolio2

Frida Kahlo Lesson

We are completely obsessed with this new biographical children’s book series that we spent the entire month of March on in celebrating National Women’s Month! Our students got to read, research, learn, and write all about the amazingly talented Frida Kahlo! We also enjoyed a directed drawing in exploring ‘self-portraits’, as well as dressing up like Frida herself, unibrow and all! We love art! ❤️🎨📝📚

frida1 frida2 frida3 frida4

Pig Study 2019

“P” is for pig! And we are celebrating our very own Petunia Pork chops with a “pig study” to learn all about the fun facts of pigs, participate in a directed drawing, and create memorable hands on learning experiences and text- self connections with our book “If You Give A Pig A Pancake” by Laura Numeroff 🐷❤️🐽📝📚

pig1 pig2 pig3 pig4 pig5 pig6

Red Nose Day 2019

Noses on to celebrate Red Nose Day and do our part to help lift children out of poverty!

rednose1 rednose2 rednose3 rednose4

Isaac Newton

We finished writing our 4/5th grade Historical figure essays on Sir Isaac Newton, and had a little fun dressing up like Newton himself under the Apple tree. ❤️📝🍎


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