Sensory Snow Dough

We are reading, writing, and learning fun facts all about Arctic animals this week 🏔️, and having a rich sensory experience with our homemade glitter snow dough that I chilled in the freezer to make it feel cold like real snow! ❄️☃️

snow1 snow3 snow2

‘W’ is for Winter

‘W’ is for winter! In keeping with our winter wonderland theme this winter, we’ve been working on the letter ‘W’ the last couple weeks, reading and writing about all things winter, including various types of trees that grow. In our outdoor classroom, Students explored the backyard and collected fallen twigs and Pinecones from our backyard trees to study. 🌲🌳


S is for Snow

More letter ‘S’ is for snow fun with these kinder friends. After reading ‘The Snowy Day’ Students made text -self connections by dressing up for the snow like the character in the book and had a snowball fight of their own! We also built letters with cotton balls, and worked with homemade sensory snow that looks and feels like real snow! ❤️☃️

sisforsnow1 sisforsnow2 sisforsnow4 sisforsnow3

Snow Day

It may not snow where we live, but every kid needs a snow day! ☃️ We read snowmen at night to find out what snowmen really do when we are asleep, and The Snowy Day to learn about a boys day in the snow, then created and wrote about our own little snowmen. ‘The Little Red Schoolhouse’ students LOVED dressing up for the snow and having a snow ball fight of their own, in making text- self connections with our books!


Snowflake Poetry

We created a winter wonderland this February in our ‘Little Red Schoolhouse’ making snowflakes of our own, crafting acrostic snowflake poems, and reading/learning all about the amazing Snowflake Bentley who dedicated his life studying snowflakes.