M for Mitten Part 2!

Part two of our Mitten Monday fun! 🧤⁠⠀
After a lively reading of one of our favorite Jan Brett books ‘The Mitten’, little learners got to participate in a ‘story retell.’ With putting the characters in order of what happens 1st, 2nd, 3rd,… in the book, learners are learning sequencing, number awareness, and counting as they labeled, cut, and glued while taking turns putting them inside our own mitten! 📝

M for Mitten_4326 M for Mitten_4329 Mitten_0034

M for Mitten

M is for mitten! And what better way to celebrate mitten Monday than with a reading from our beloved Jan Brett’s book ‘The Mitten’ Children’s picture book! 📚🧤⁠⠀
Students had so much fun making predictions on whether or not the next animal in the story would fit into the mitten, brainstormed other letter M sound words with our phonics phone, worked on our fine motor skills knitting mittens of our own (just like Baba from the book) and dressed up with our winter themed mittens & hats to create rich text connections with our characters in our text!! 📝🧣⁠⠀

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