W is for Wreath

To wrap up our holiday season of fun and learning in the ‘Little Red Schoolhouse’ students learned about the letter W and made beautiful wreaths of their own out of a wooden hoop, bakers twine, and foliage. The kids enjoyed working on their fine motor skills, (and even learned to tie!) A huge milestone for little’s. They were all so excited to take home their wreaths, and were equally proud of their creations! ❤️

w1 w5 w4 w3 w2

Polar Express Lesson

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a reading of The Polar Express and simile study from the great Chris Van Allsburg. This has become a rich tradition in the ‘Little Red Schoolhouse’. Students love picking out their favorite similes, writing them down, and tasting hot cocoa & marshmallows just like the characters in this classic book! 🎅🏻🎄

polar1 polar4 polar3 polar2

Hanukkah Lesson

Letter H is for Hanukkah! This week students got to learn all about the meaning of Hanukkah with a special celebration and taste testing of our delicious latkes!

hanukkah1 hanukkah4 hanukkah3 hanukkah2

Garland Craft

Even little ones can get in on the action of helping decorate while working on some fine motor practice, creating garland out of popcorn and cranberries, as well as learning how to dress up simple Christmas cards by tying on twine and branches. ❤️🌲🧶

garland1 garland3 garland2

Gingerbread Lesson

G is for Gingerbread! All week we’ve been reading various Gingerbread Man stories, writing gingerbread acrostic poems, and decorating gingerbread boys & girls of our own! ❤️🌲

ginger1 ginger3 ginger2

Gift Wrapping Lesson

Students enjoyed writing their Dear Santa letters and letters to our pen pal, Edwood, the elf. They wrapped and decorated their work to ship off to the North Pole to Santa! ❤️🌲

gift1 gift4 gift3 gift2

Letters to Santa

Little learners are crafting Christmas lists, Dear Santa letters, and writing letters to our very own elf, Edwood, as he flys back-and-forth to the North Pole to give Santa a report on whether our students are being naughty or nice in class. 😉🎅🏻📝

letter1 letter4 letter3 letter2

Edwood Lesson

E is for Elf! Edwood the elf, that is. Students in the schoolhouse got to meet Edwood last week and learn about all the fun ways we will be counting down the days until Christmas and celebrating reading and writing this holiday season. ❤️🌲📝📚

elf1 elf3 elf2

Count down to Christmas!

Count down to Christmas in the “Little Red Schoolhouse” with our advent tree branch calendar, Gingerbread acrostic poems, crafting Christmas lists, Dear Santa letters, and Hanukkah celebration. So much fun!











Holiday Writing

The Holiday reading and writing possibilities are endless! This Holiday we read Chris Van Allsburg’s Caldecott award winning Children’s book THE POLAR EXPRESS. Wearing pajamas just like the kids in the story, we made text -self connections while exploring the beautiful simile imagery throughout this amazing book. My kids were able to actually taste the smilies as found in the story, by biting into “chocolates with nougat centers as white as snow”, and drinking “hot cocoa as rich and thick as melted chocolate bars”!! We then wrote down our favorite POLAR EXPRESS smilies on our speech bubbles for our POLAR EXPRESS board, and watched the movie together. We had a great time creating family memories while responding to classic kids lit .


After Our Kinder & 1st grade students crafted their Christmas lists to Santa Claus, they worked on their fine motor skills by cutting and wrapping pieces of cereal boxes, to make them look like real gifts! This week I get to find out if they got all that they asked for! (Including a new puppy)Holiday4

December writing in the little red school house! Our students were able to participate in a story “retell” of the gingerbread man, brainstorm their own gingerbread words, roll out letters with homemade gingerbread dough, And taste gingerbread cookies. We then baked up some acrostic gingerbread poems of our own, with gold foil baking sheets and all!

Holiday 6
Brainstorming gingerbread words for our writing.

Holiday 7
Homemade fully edible gingerbread house, featuring Rosemary wreaths and trees.

Our poems hanging on our poet – tree.