“M” is for Monster

Last week’s Halloween fun with letter M for monster. After reading our monster books, little learners practiced their fine motor skills in making monsters of their own, worked on our letter practice with our wet, dry, try boards, and practiced phonics with our sound around box!

monster1 monster5 monster4 monster3 monster2

Room on the Broom Video

Happy Halloween! Another reading of “Room on the Broom”. Students loved responding to literature by acting out parts of the story in finding pine cones, sticks, a flower, and a bone just like the characters in the book. Students wrote all about what would be on their brooms and made a witch’s broom of their own out of pretzels!

Room on the Broom

While reading one of our fave Halloween books, “Room on the Broom”, kids got to act out parts of the story, make their own Brooms out of pretzels, and draw & write what would be on their own brooms! 🧙‍♀️

witch1 witch5 witch4 witch3 witch2

“B” is for Bat

Writing some bat fun facts after a reading of Nightsong. The kids loved to learn all about these nocturnal creatures who use echolocation to find their way through life! 🦇


“Spooky” Halloween

We had a spooktacular week of writing in the Little Red Schoolhouse In celebration of Halloween with our “M” is for monster writing, and “B” is for bats. Students wrote about some of our favorite Halloween books like My Mama Monster Loves me So, Room on the Broom, and Nightsong, and crafted monsters, brooms, and bats of their own. We even had little monsters donning braces! 😂👻