Georgia O’Keeffe Flower Study

We are thrilled to announce the partnership of The Little Red Schoolhouse & Parenting OC magazine bringing busy moms like you fun crafts & mini-lessons! Watch our video and learn how to create beautiful Georgia Okeeffe inspired paper flowers of your own, and learn all about our featured artist!

Example of Georgia Okeefe’s work white flowers:


Our Georgia Okeeffe inspired white flowers made out of coffee filters and construction paper:


Inspired by nature: we picked these beautiful flowers in our yard, and created Georgia inspired flowers of our own by twisting white coffee filters to give them texture, layered them, and trim them to give them depth.

IMG_0110 IMG_0109

Real or paper? It’s hard to tell which flowers are made out of paper with this lifelike craft!


Paper flowers amongst our magnolia leaves


Georgia O’Keeffe inspired paper flowers made out of tissue paper. So lifelike you can almost smell them!


Download our written instructions PDF here: Georgia O’Keeffe and Georgia O’Keeffe Alt

Follow and read Georgia O’Keeffe bio here: Georgia O’Keeffe Bio

Georgia O’Keeffe (1st-3rd grade) Writing Activity: Georgia O’Keeffe (1st-3rd grade)

Georgia O’Keeffe Worksheets: GeorgiaOKeeffeFamousArtistsArtBiographyUnitDISTANCELEARNING

TK-3rd grade students print our letter practice sheets capitals-cursive and work on your letter “F is for Flower” practice at home. Pick flowers in your yard and place the flowers in the capital F starting at the top!


TK/kinder: print pdf worksheet, complete letter f practice, and color.

IMG_0203 IMG_0204

K-2nd grade: print pdf worksheet for letter f sentence practice


Anatomy of a Flower

Download the Anatomy of a Flower Worksheet here: AnatomyofaFlowerWorksheet and FlowerDescriptionActivity


Note to parents… After reading about flowers, enjoy a walk with your kids out in the backyard or out in nature to search for some flowers. After you pick a few flower varieties bring them back and study the anatomy of a flower diagram, next, dissect the flower placing each part on the anatomy of a flower chart.


Tk-2nd grade: cut and label your flower, then color it if you’d like: LabelingPartsofaFlowerincludingseedsIMG_0080

The art of stippling… use a fine tip sharpie or micron pen to stipple the center of the sunflower, then cut yellow cupcake liners, or construction paper for the sunflower petals and glue a green popsicle stick for the stem.

IMG_0087-2 IMG_0084-2

IMG_0088 (1)-2 IMG_0117-2


Curious Garden Reading

A fun read -aloud to go with our garden theme for May. One of our favorite garden books “The Curious Garden” by Peter Brown. We hope you will all be inspired to grow a garden at home this spring! 🥬🥒🌽🥕🥦🍆🍅⠀

Download the PDF for TK/kinder here: SpringCuriousGardenLessonandActivities

Download the PDf for 1st-3rd grade here: Curious Garden

Cooped Up Chicken Study during Quarantine

Join Mrs. Madden to learn all about raising chickens, the anatomy of a chicken, the chicken life cycle, and a reading of the “Little Red Hen”  Follow along with our complete “cooped up” chicken study by accessing the downloadable PDF’s to complete the chicken study at home:

Download these free PDF worksheets to follow along!

Chicken Fun Facts: Chicken Fun Facts Part 1 and Chicken Fun Facts Part 2

Cooped Up Questions: Cooped Up

Chicken Worksheets: K-2 Green Academy Mini Lessons Edited

Chicken Coloring Sheet: vectorstock_21425476





The Little Red Hen


After watching the video read-aloud of the little red hen, you can bake bread of your own just like the little red hen with this easy recipe, and your whole family can pitch in and do their part! Download the recipe here: Homemade Bread Recipe!
Pre-K-1st Grade

After the read-aloud of The Little Red Hen, students can practice their writing skills by making sight word flashcards to re-create the sentences for each character in the book and match the sentences to the animal cards below. This is a fun sequencing activity & story retell! You can also cut shapes out of construction paper to make a little red hen of your own. Using a square For the head, the triangle for the beak, and circles or ovals for the eyes.

Little Red Hen 1st/2nd Grade

Craft and writing activity. Response to the story… if you were the little red hen would you share your bread?

IMG_0008 IMG_0010 IMG_0011

The Little Red Hen is a classic story that all children love. From seed to bread, friendship, and helping each other are the main focus of this book. We are offering several preschool and kindergarten activities to teach literacy skills such as sequencing, comprehension, and retelling of the story.

What is the moral of the Little Red Hen? The moral of the story of the little red hen is that you must work hard to rip overboard. The little red hen asks several other animals on the farm to help her collect wheat, grind it and then bake a loaf of bread. However, they all refuse so when the bread is ready, the other animals do not get any because they do not help to make it. This fable teaches children the value of working together so that everyone can benefit.



Chicken Life Cycle

The lifecycle of a chick is approximately 21 days. The mother hen will sit on her eggs for 21 days straight turning her eggs approximately 50 times per day. She will talk to her baby chicks inside the eggs as they are growing, and the internal temperature for the egg must be 99.5°F. If the egg is too cold or too warm the chicks will not hatch!



Chicken life cycle, embryo development from egg to hatching chicken. Cute hen and Rooster having babies chicks cartoon characters isolated on white background. Vector illustration in flat style

In the little red schoolhouse, we have been raising chickens for over a decade! These are pictures of some of my kids in One of our first “life cycle of a chick“  projects when they were just babies! My kids and students have enjoyed watching each stage of development from embryo- hatchling, and have enjoyed naming, feeding & caring for their chickens as they’ve grown!

IMG_6424 IMG_6425 IMG_6426

IMG_5077 IMG_5047 IMG_5045 IMG_0275IMG_4813IMG_4818-2IMG_4822-2IMG_4823-2IMG_4826-2IMG_4831-2

G for Garden

IMG_6306 IMG_6301

G for Garden Printing Practice


IMG_6298 IMG_6297

Butterfly Life Cycle Week 4

IMG_6135 Butterfly-15 Butterfly Life Cycle

Watch the video below for Butterfly Life Cycle Week 4/Last Stage!:

Butterfly Life Cycle Week 3

Butterfly Life Cycle_5799 Butterfly Life Cycle_5810 Butterfly Life Cycle_5814

Watch the video below for Butterfly Life Cycle Week 3: