Operation Pollination 2019

Operation Pollination! Today’s students learned that milk weed is a critical resource for our native Ca. environment, and for Monarch butterfly’s! The nectar in the milkweed is the ONLY food source that the caterpillars of the Monarch butterfly eat! After learning and writing all about milkweed, students got to plant milkweed in our butterfly garden to help the endangered monarchs! ❤️🐛🦋


Pig Study 2019

“P” is for pig! And we are celebrating our very own Petunia Pork chops with a “pig study” to learn all about the fun facts of pigs, participate in a directed drawing, and create memorable hands on learning experiences and text- self connections with our book “If You Give A Pig A Pancake” by Laura Numeroff 🐷❤️🐽📝📚

pig1 pig2 pig3 pig4 pig5 pig6

Butterfly Life Cycle Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for our butterfly lifecycle project! Our Little scientists kept journals documenting the metamorphosis, and enjoyed feeding our little butterfly’s orange slices and milkweed, and releasing them into our butterfly garden! ❤️🐛🦋

butterfly1 butterfly2 butterfly3 butterfly4

Easter 2019

Hoppy Easter every bunny! From all of us in the Little Red Schoolhouse ❤️🐰🐣

easter1 easter2

Ladybug Life Cycle

More Spring Life Cycle fun in the Little Red Schoolhouse! Students read, research, and write all about ladybugs. With fun hands on experiences in the garden and a cute ladybug craft for fine motor practice! ❤️🐞

ladybug1 ladybug2 ladybug3 ladybug5 ladybug4 ladybug6

Butterfly Life Cycle

Spring Life Cycle projects in the Little Red Schoolhouse! Students learn all about the caterpillar – butterfly metamorphosis and create science journals of their own documenting the entire process. We can’t wait to see what our butterflies are going to look like!! ❤️🐛🦋

butterfly1 butterfly2 butterfly3 butterfly4

Hello Spring

Spring has sprung, and there’s much blooming in The Little Red Schoolhouse this spring, from our PBL life cycle projects, to our garden writing, and journals, but most important of all is our little writers & poets who are sprouting blooms of their own! ❤️📝📚🌽🥬🥕🐛🦋🐞🌼


Coco Chanel Lesson

We wrapped our National Women’s Month learning & writing all about Coco Chanel another inspiring book from the biographical series “Little People, Big Dreams”, by Isabel Sanchez Vegara. Students loved learning about the power of using your imagination, and that it’s GOOD to be different! They also enjoyed trying their hands at sewing the letters COCO and dressing up like the iconic designer herself!







Letter ‘Y’

Working on letter ‘Y’ with our Tk/and Kinder friends. Students had fun playing our phonics game and brainstorming words that start with ‘Y’ like yak, yogurt, yo yo, and yellow yarn. We sharpened fine motor skills by sewing yellow yarn letters and creating sight words that begin with ‘Y’. Yay! 💛📝

yellow1 yellow2

Ada Lovelace Lesson

We are Completely obsessed with this biography series Little People, Big Dreams written by Isabel Sanchez Vegara! Each week during National Women’s month students are learning and writing about little girls who grew up and changed the world! I LOVE the message this sends our little girls & boys! This week we learned about the amazing Ada Lovelace, a women mathematician that invented the calculator and became the first computer programmer! ❤️📚

ada2 ada1 ada3

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