Goat Study


Hands on learning in the schoolhouse! All the kids got to participate in the brushing, walking, playing, and bottle feeding of our sweet baby goat, ” Willow”, while we learned all about African Pygmy Goats. Check out a sampling of the activities:



Reading, writing, and learning all about Nigerian Pygmy goats!!

The kids all got to participate in a goat cheese taste test , and write about their experience .




Informational text research books


Garden Writing: Beets


As part of our thematic unit of study, students get to read informational text, learn all about beets, and pull out important information to write about.

Students got to taste all the different varieties of beets and write an opinion piece on which one was their favorite


"Beautiful Benefits Of Beets" with beet fun facts.

“Beautiful Benefits Of Beets” with beet fun facts.

" All about the Beets" information/ fun fact board. Our writer's read informational text, and pull out their favorite fun facts to write about . We learned all about the amazing health benefits of this delicious root veggie !!

Fun In The Garden

My students and children got to study the AMAZING health benefits of both carrots and beets, by planting, researching, harvesting, writing, and finally, taste testing these delicious root veggies!!

Writing Workshop


Writing Workshop

Let’s get it write!

Who: Hosted by Adriene Madden
Handwriting without tears trained, experienced handwriting teacher,
and mother of four.

What: Learn to write neatly, with proper grip, letter formation, spacing, capitalization,
and punctuation! Using the “Handwriting Without Tears” multi-sensory handwriting
curriculum. It’s fun, engaging, and works with all learning styles!

Where: The Madden “Schoolhouse”

When: Morning and Afternoon classes are ongoing, please contact us for the latest schedule.

Why: Strong writers, begin with strong penmanship, foster the love of writing in
your child. We will review previous grade level standards, as well as begin learning
grade level standards for the upcoming school year.

How: Contact Adriene Madden at AdrieneMadden4@gmail.com or cell 714-348-4746
to set up your child’s “free” initial assessment.
“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

Adventures in the Schoolhouse is a multi-dimension, creative learning environment made for children like yours! Join our adventure as we learn through interactive play, multi-sensory projects, and intuitive lesson plans!

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